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Upon the selling of your property, your notary is obliged to verify the compliance of your residence with l’APBF (Association des Propriétaires de Bois-Franc).
The compliance verification has a general fee of 100$, charged to the selling owner.

If you are planning to buy a property in Bois-Franc, ask your notary if the previous owner had already undertaken a compliance verification on your property. This would prevent you from dealing with past infractions.

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If you plan to landscape at your sideyard or backyard, the following is required:

• The city permit (Borough of Saint-Laurent)

The permits and regulations department of the Borough of Saint-Laurent, informs to all Bois-Franc owners that in addition to the permit, the architectural servitude must be respected. To comply, you must contact l’association des propriétaires de bois franc( APBF) and request for a derogation.

The derogation request is a document indented to protect you against all violations, allowing you to respect the servitude. The conformity committee will issue the first letter at the beginning of the works, right after reviewing your file. Subsequently, at the culmination of the works and after the consideration of the inspector, AN OFFICIAL DEROGATION DOCUMENT will be granted.

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