Partners and Sponsors

AOBF protects the distinctiveness of Bois-Franc by ensuring the compliance and maintenance of the requirements of the Architectural Servitude.
The “APBF” is a non-profit organization, which can ensure its mandate while working on creating a lively neighbourhood life only with the precious help of its different media and financial partners.


Sincere thanks to our precious sponsors:

Sotramont Remax 3000
Montclair Desjardins Faubourg Bois-Franc
IGA Extra Marché Duchemin et frères TD Marcel Laurin
Stéphanair Pharmacie Brunet
Les verrières du golf Vassilaros

Become a sponsor

You want to contribute to the success of the Bois-Franc district? You are interested in becoming a sponsor? Here are our different partnership options available to you:


Our visibility charter offers five categories of sponsors, and for each of them an adequate offer of services is proposed. Our categories are:

  • Commanditaire Or
  • Partenaire APBF

For more details, please contact us.