Board of directors

AOBF protects the distinctiveness of Bois-Franc by ensuring the compliance and maintenance of the requirements of the Architectural Servitude.

The Board of Directors represents the interests of the residents of Bois-Franc regarding fiduciary operations of the organization and has a duty to put in place a long-term management policy and strategy. The Board must consist of seven directors, meeting monthly to ensure a good progress from the organization.  


  • Nicolas Galardo, president
  • Elise Rossi, vice-president
  • Sylvain Labastrou, secretary
  • Marc-André Roy, administrator
  • Sabiha Djebbar, administrator

AOBF By-laws

The role of the administrator

The administrator, a volunteer role, is elected annually by members of the APBF at the annual general meeting. To be eligible, applicats must be Bois-Franc owners, be registered as a member and have offially submitted their application according to the established rules. To be eligible as an administrator, you must:

  1. Be an owner;
  2. Be an active member of the APBF;
  3. Have completed and filed the form before the due date.

For more information, please contact us.


The candidate must submit to the Nominating Committee her/his resume, a brief letter of intent and the Application Form, duly completed at least 15 days before the holding of the Annual Meeting, generally held in May. Thus, any request submitted after the due date will be refused. Please note that the application must be supported by 10 AOBF members. The Nominating Committee will review the submitted applications, then compile a list of all eligible candidates. The candidates will be allocated a two-minute period to address the people at the Annual Meeting, in order to give reasons for their commitment. To print the Application Form (PDF format), please click on the link below.