Facilitate the replacement process of outdoor elements of your home.

Material inventory

Each spring, our inventory technician walks through the streets of Bois-Franc to identify different materials used for the construction of properties. The goal is to facilitate the process of the replacement of the outdoor elements of your home!


Black mesh and black wrought iron are the only fences accepted in Bois-Franc. Please note that plastic slats inserted in the fences are prohibited. Fences should be covered by a bushy hedge, so that it is hidden at all seasons. Once a fence is installed, both owners becomes responsible for compliance with the architectural servitude around the fence.

It is not mandatory to have a fence.


Cedar hedges should be pruned to a maximum height of 5 feet. Tree height must be reasonable in order not to cause discomfort to neighbors. Hedges unfenced are accepted as long as the cedars are planted inside the lot line and that their width does not exceed the line. Thus, if the neighbors wants to install a fence, he will be able to do so, directly on the lot line.

The regulation of Saint-Laurent must be respected; some species are prohibited, and some margins must be respected.


The black wrought iron flower boxes, with a straw canvas inside, are permitted under the windows, in front of the property. It is mandatory to remove the straw canvas once fall arrives.


Replacing all the grass in front of the house with flowers is prohibited. Installing artificial turf is forbidden.


As required by law, if you want to use a satellite antenna, it must be installed on the rear section of the roof of your home. It is prohibited to install a satellite antenna on a wall, parapet, balcony, fireplace or other unauthorized location. The satellite must be installed on the rear section of the roof of the house, so it is not visible from the street facade.


BBQs are permitted on the balconies of town houses and single family houses, if used and stored adequately.

For condos, it is important to consult first the agreement of ownership as it may contain restrictions on the use of BBQ on balconies.


The original color must remain. Before applying a new color exterior elements (door, patio, shed, etc.), it is essential to contact the APBF to know the exact color code.


We wish to encourage the owners to maintain their home ground properly. We all know it, yards are relatively close to each other. If everyone made an effort to maintain its ground, the surroundings will benefit of the finest possible environment. Moreover, article 3.9 of the zoning of the borough of Saint-Laurent mentions that around a building, unbuilt area must be grassed or landscaped. This regulation must be respected with no delay.


It is prohibited to store objects on balconies or install anything in the front of the properties. It applies to all objects which disfigure the front of properties, such as sports equipment, basketball hoops, hockey nets, children’s toys, strollers, bicycles, etc.

It is also forbidden to leave the garbage bins visible from the streets, except on collection day.


Parking is prohibited in the tunnels that leads to the garages. Article 3.5 of the zoning (RCA08-0001) states that “Vehicular access to a vehicular road can in no way be used for parking a motor vehicle, boat or trailer…”

Moreover, the Architectural Servitude registered on property lots mentions that the passage described is intended for circulation and must be used according to its purpose, and should not be obstructed by cars, bicycles, children carriages, parcel or other objects.

It also mentions that cars can’t be repaired in or on the passage described, nor parked, stored, kept or placed by an owner.

The Architectural Servitude has evolved through years and each property is registered with its own Architectural Servitude. Consequently, it is not possible for the AOBF to draw up an exhaustive list of all requirements to be met.


If a property does not meet the requirements of architectural servitude, the owner may receive a violation notice, granting a period of 30 days to comply.

A penalty fee of 51.80$ per day can be imposed to any owner who violates the architectural servitude.