AOBF protects the distinctiveness of Bois-Franc by ensuring the compliance and maintenance of the requirements of the Architectural Servitude.
The Bois-Franc district came to life in 1993 with the effort of Bombardier Inc. The company determined and implemented the requirements of the Architectural Servitude of the district, which makes it a unique and distinctive neighbourhood.

In 2008, Bombardier Inc. delegates the mandate to uphold the compliance to the Architectural Servitude to a union of two builders, Montclair and Sotramont, operating under the name “Développements Bois-Franc”. Thus, the AOBF, a non-profit organization, was created in order to manage the Architectural Servitude registered on the properties. Since its inception, the Bois-Franc district is constantly expanding and the needs of its residents are evolving and increasing.

In 2016, the APBF developed of a new web platform tailored to the growing needs of the district.

Importance of the members and our sponsors

The membership fee ($62.10 per residence) allows the AOBF to fulfill the mission for which it was commissioned. At the time, Bombardier Inc. deployed an annual budget of $70,000 for the management of the Architectural Servitude. Now, the organization relies on the participation of its members and various sponsors to fulfill its mandate which is to preserve the uniqueness of Bois-Franc while developing a strong neighbourhood community.

Did you know? The organization of the events promoted by the AOBF is entirely funded by our sponsors!