Section reserved for the use of notaries selling properties in Bois-Franc.

Notary presale

The Architectural Servitude is a set of rules established to maintain the distinctiveness and unique charm of Bois-Franc for the benefit of current and future owners. It is recorded on each lot and published at the Bureau de la publicité des droits of the registration division of Montreal.

By following this servitude, the value of your property is protected. By buying a property in Bois-Franc, owners agree to take part in maintaining the unique character of the district by being aware of their rights and obligations as residents.

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This section is reserved for the use of notary selling properties in the Bois-Franc district, in Saint-Laurent.

The AOBF would like to draw the attention on the fact that Bombardier inc. Services Immobiliers and Développements Bois-Franc have registered an Architectural Servitude on every lot sold in Bois-Franc. A research on the index will provide the exact registration number of this Servitude.

Before the transaction, the notary selling the property must obtain a certification letter to confirm the situation of the lot with the AOBF, which is the entity managing the Architectural Servitude.

When selling the property, the conformity verification allows to protect both parties involved in the transaction. As a result, buying and selling are done knowing the requirements of the Architectural Servitude and therefore, the compliance or non-compliance of the notarized property. Rectification may be requested by the AOBF to convert a non-compliant property into a compliant property satisfying the requirements of the Architectural Servitude.

Send us your request through the form below at least 15 days before the sale.

The application results in an audit fees of $51.80 for members and $154.79 for non-members, billable to the vendor(s).

For any derogation request, a $154.79 fee is requested for a non-member and $51.80 for members. This amount is increased to $500 in the case of a request for a derogation submitted after finding an infraction following an inspection. If you are not a member yet and you want to inquire about it, please contact us at


The Bois-Franc district is in the scope of four main arteries:

  • south of Henri-Bourassa boulevard and north of Thimens boulevard;
  • east of Cavendish boulevard and west of Marcel-Laurin boulevard.