Refer to this section for renovations to the building envelope or layout of the front or back yard.
The architectural servitude is a set of established rules that allow the unique character of the district to be preserved for the benefit of current and future owners. It is recorded on each lot of Bois-Franc and published at the office of publicity of rights of the Montreal land division.

By respecting this easement, the value of your property is protected. By buying a property in Bois-Franc, the owners agree to participate in maintaining the unique caracter pf the neighborhood in an active way, by becoming aware of their rights and obligations as residents.

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You want to execute renovations to the exterior of your home of landscape in your front or back yard? It is only possible to do so with a waiver to the architectural servitude provided by the APBF.

For any changes made to the exterior of you property, you must first present the renovation project to the APBF. The compliance committee will make sure it meets the requirements of the architectural servitude registered on your property.

  • Window or roof replacement
  • Color change of an exterior element of the property
  • Installation of a shed, an awning or a gazebo
  • Pool or spa installation
  • Relocation of an air conditioning compressor
  • Installation of a fence
  • Landscaping

Waiver application process

  1. Sending the derogation application and payment
  2. Request processing
  3. Request evaluation by the compliance committee
  4. Delivery of the letter of authorization or refusal
  5. Visit of the compliance officer as the work is completed
  6. Presentation of the official exemption letter

The APBF receives a large number of exemption during the summer. The demand processing time can not be estimated precisely.

Please fill out the form as soon as possible when planning renovations !


If you do not make a waiver claim and that your property is found in violation of the requirements of the architectural servitude, you may be liable to a fine of $51.80for each day the offense will last.

Also, when selling you home, the transaction may be delayed as the property would not meet the architectural servitude of the district. You might then be forced to make the necessary adjustments to make your property compliant to the servitude.

Avoid any possible problems by getting your waiver application.


In oder for the compliance committee to assess you files, all information in this form is essential. If some documents are missing, it may result in additional delays.

For any waiver request, a 150$ fee is requested for a non-member and 50$ for members, this amount is increased to $ 500 in the case of a request for a derogation after finding an infraction following an inspection. If you are not a member yet and you want to inquire about it, please contact us at info@apboisfranc.ca

In agreement with the decision-making bodies, check with the APBF your repair/landscaping plans correspond to the requirements of the Bois-Franc architectural Servitude, before applying for the required permit (if applicable) at the Saint-Laurent borough.

Attach to you request:

  • The certificate of location and the plan that comes with it.
  • A detailed plan with the dimensions of the courtyard and all the structures that are / will be present (it can be drawn by hand).
  • For each of these structures, you must provide a sample of the materials and / or color that will be used / added.
  • Photos of your current courtyard taken in 360 degrees (taken from the four viewpoints of the courtyard).

It should be noted that additional details relating to you project may be requested from the Compliance Committee after studying the file.